Welcome to the Open Academy of Caring Economics (OACE).

OACE promotes and develops new economic approaches, which are people-centred and environmentally sound. It also provides a platform for exchange of innovative ideas, studies, knowledge and insights on Caring Economics.

OACE supports studies and research and organizes lectures, seminars, workshops, summer schools, trainings and conferences on Caring Economics.

‘Care’ is the starting point of this economic thinking, and the driving force of the economic development. It is not about privatization and marketing of the care sector. Caring Economics are about human-centered and environmentally sound economic approaches. The mutual relationships and interdependency between people and the relationships between people and the natural environment are central to a Caring Economics approach.

Care includes all activities that people undertake to make the world a good place to live for current and future generations. This includes care for our own well being and health, care for the people around us (family, friends, neighbourhood, colleagues) and care for our environment. The intrinsic value of care refers to the deeper sense of human life.